Physics/ Ballistics Division

Undertakes examination of exhibits like:

  • Paint flake, Tool mark, Restoration of erased number of Vehicle, Seal, Stamp, Label, Shoe print, Tyre impression, comparison of cut ends of Telegraphic & Electric wire, Soil test etc.                                            
  • Identification and Serviceability of Fire arms, Ammunition, Bullets, Pellets, Wads, Parts of fire arms, Cartridge cases.
  • Matching of fired bullets/cartridge cases with suspected firearm
  • Gun shot residue on clothing, skin for distance estimation, Shooter identification by GSR kits


Scientific Staff :

  1. Dr. Ajitesh Pal ,M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D, Scientific Officer.
  2. Mr. Rajib Majumder, M.Sc (Physics), Senior Scientific Assistant.
  3. Mr. Sanjib Das, M.Sc (Mathematics), Scientific Assistant.